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Merovingian gold tremissis of pseudo-Byzantine style, in the name of Justin I or II, 1.2g, please inform us post-sale and we will remove the charge. Hitta information om Tremissis AB. Adress: Östra Mårtensgatan 19, Postnummer: 223 61. Telefon: 046-12 55 .. RIC X 2610: Majorian.

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Estimate $15000. Closing Date: Wednesday, 19 May 2004. Sold For $20000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee. An update on the anglo saxon gold coin which I found a few months ago. His two ancient Greek [Baktrian] coins for sale at this time are fakes.) ancienhandltd (2021, Jan. a major fakeseller who has changed his username from hands-of history) ancientwarriors (2020, July.


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It has significant historical value because it remained in use for centuries and inspired some other currencies. How can you assess the condition of Byzantine currency? Lombards. Grimoald III, with Charlemagne.

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Lot 1636 | Constantine IV Pogonatus AV Tremissis. Constantinople, AD 669-674. ∂ N CONSƮANƮINЧS P [P AV], diademed, drape | 100, Lno, List view, No cat. 3 dec. 2018 — Tremissis, around 630-640, unknown and unpublished type Dated by Mr. Pol, who also tested the gold grade. This is a Dutch archaeological  Reverse: VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM, Victory advancing right, head left, holding wreath and globus cruciger; in right field, star; CONOB in exergue Ex NAC sale  Chr. Tremissis ø 15mm (1,53g).

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Gold tremissis, Constantinople mint. His diademed, draped and cuirassed bust rt, DN FOCAS PERP AVG / Cross potent, VICTORIA FOCAS AVG, CONOB below. Slightly wavy flan, sharp details! 16 mm, 1.31 g. ref: Sear 634, BMC 30-32. #0279: $525 SOLD 2010 Auction Estimate for this Anglo Saxon Tremissis: ?3,000 to ?4,000 (GBP) About The Tremissis.

Circa 6th century AD and 1.21 grams. Imitative of a tremissis of Justinian. Obverse with profile bust right with radiate crown and OOOANVO legend. Reverse featuring cross with forked ends on base with pellet to each side and OOILLVV.VA-IOO- legend. Possibly Unique and Valentinian III AV Tremissis.
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Byzantine Coins While the Western Roman Empire crumbled in the 5th Century AD, the Eastern Empire remained strong. The Byzantine Empire flourished for a further millennium, supported by a strong currency, and maintaining Christianity, which was introduced by its founder. Sold For $20000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee. ROMULUS AUGUSTUS. October 475 - September 476 AD. AV Tremissis (1.46 gm).
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Tremissis Constantinopel Constantin IV. Pogonatus, 668 - 685 n.Chr. VF-EF. 325.77 US$ + shipping. Back in 2018 this nice Merovingian tremissis sold at auction for £6,000. © DNW. During 2020 this tremissis, which in my opinion was better than the one sold in 2018, realised only £3,400. Glenn’s tremissis bears an attractive obverse, an interesting reverse and scores high in terms of its condition.